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Hello and welcome everyone. I have created this community to address a specific aspect of my hermetic magick "training" or studies. I am very interested in the "kabbalah" or "qabalah" ... however you want to spell it. I find that many hermetic and magick communities don’t address the kabbalah SPECIFICALLY, so I wanted to create an area where we can talk SPECIFICALLY about this system or philosophy.

Let me share with you a quandary that I am now trying to read about.

Recently, I was doing some meditation work on Geburah. (the sphere or sephiroth of severity or divine justice however you want to look at it). What bothered me was inside the vision I had a feeling of almost qlippothic energies. (qlippoth= chaos or shell spirits or demons if you will). I immediately stopped my meditation, but I am now actively looking for books that reference this "possible connection" or if there is a connection between the qlippoth and the sephiroth of Geburah.

Well maybe this post can start a discussion or you may want to post about something else. anyway, bright blessings.
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