Ignostic Discordian Qblhist (fotthewuk) wrote in thekabbalah,
Ignostic Discordian Qblhist

On seven

That basic geometry, our week, the ancient egyptian measurement system, and both the books of Genesis and of Formation agree so warmly over the cosmic significance of mudane six leading to a divine seventh cannot be mere coincidence. On examination of these and other sources, alone without opinion, metaphor or cultural baggage is that of simple geometry. The Books of the Law are also the books of geometry, of maths, of circles. Our common inversion is to presume that geometry explains myth: that the myth is true somehow and the geometry not. Once our priesthood and our architects were one and the same, learning knew no subjects. Comprehension of the nature of circle, of hexagon, of equilateral triangle, square and rhombus: these are the fundament. Grasp π by her very radius with rusty compass and plane, and universe unfolds before you.

Like music, geometry admits no explaination, but how we have tried.

32 = 10 + (3 + (6 + 1) + 12)

No line, only circle. We flex.
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